Steve Benton

Born in New York, Steve Benton is a multimedia artist now based in Las Vegas, where he creates graphics for the gaming industry. Benton earned his BFA from the Savannah College of Art & Design in computer art after switching his major from sequential illustration. Among his favorite things are Frank Miller’s Daredevil, 1980s thrash metal, and his daughter, Abigail.

Daniel Blodgett

Illustrator Daniel Blodgett has been working in independent comics for the last six years.  He learned how to draw at an early age, with one of his main influences being his own mother, who was an artist.  His influences range from Gary Larsen’s The Far Side to anime versions of Robotech.

Blodgett’s art training includes a two-year graphic art and design program from The Creative Center in Omaha, Neb., and other independent sequential art studies over the past 15 years. He has completed five comics and two kid’s books for Gett Comics and is currently working on a book called Avenger Red for Onward Comics and other soon-to-be released projects for Aberrant Press.

Ed Hawkins

Ed Hawkins has been nominated for zero Hugo awards and has been awarded the Pulitzer never; in both Criticism as well as Fiction. In 2008 Ed was a runner up for the Wurlitzer prize, but lost to a potted fern. To be totally fair, the fern was a splendid shade of forest green. Ed is a graduate of the University of Nevada Las Vegas (B.A. Anthropology), a veteran of the US Army (Airborne), and is widely recognized as a harmless but fanciful liar (True). Despite these minor character flaws, he believes that his writing may be among the best of his generation. Ed knows this, because his dog tells him so. When not writing comics, Ed is larger than a bread box, more handsome than a carrot cake, and indulges in his hobby of penning ridiculous biographies.

Seth Kumpf

Seth Kumpf is a fan of fun and is lucky enough his two biggest passions, drawing and comics, are chocked full of it. Growing up with — and never turning his back from — cartoons and comics, he makes it a primary focus as an illustrator to provide comics and illustrations for people of all ages. That’s not to say he doesn’t enjoy and embrace a different tone on occasion. A graduate from the Columbus College of Art & Design, he does freelance illustration and sequential work while drawing his co-created Ragged Rider: Tales of a Cowboy Mummy.

Ken Lamug

Ken Lamug is an artist based in Las Vegas. His work includes photography, short films, and illustration. Lamug wrote and drew the children’s book, A Box Story.

Jska Priebe

Jska Priebe is a predominantly self-taught fine artist and illustrator whose work is in a perpetual state of evolution. Combining inspiration from film, animation, and comics with a sincere appreciation for traditional foundations apparent in the works of great masters and illustrators, her works speak to a common memory in ourselves that we can all understand. She embraces new artistic media and technology, often combining them in endless experimentation. The result is a unique focus and insight into a moment of fascination. Priebe has pursued her passion for art making her entire life, and has shown her work locally and nationally since 2006.

Dylan Todd

Logo and cover designer Dylan Todd was raised in the neon wasteland of Las Vegas and its mixture of glitz and kitsch, class and crass has tainted him forever. When he’s not designing or thinking about designing, he can be found rocking, rolling, reading and relaxing (i.e., “playing Wii Bowling”) with his family. If he likes you, he’ll make you a mix tape.