Tales from Lost Vegas

Tales from Lost Vegas cover

For the third time, local comic publisher and Vegas Valley Comic Book Fest donor Pop! Goes the Icon is producing a commemorative comic book for the 2013 festival, featuring all-Las Vegas-based creative talent. This year’s edition, “Tales from Lost Vegas,” will be the first full-color edition, aimed at a broad, all-ages audience. “Tales from Lost Vegas” tells the story of three friends who discover strengths they never knew existed as they face strange characters and terrifying perils inside a secret city buried beneath the streets of Las Vegas. Written by Ed Hawkins, who also developed the concept behind 2011’s “Tales from Fremont Street,” “Tales from Lost Vegas” will debut on Nov. 2 at the Vegas Valley Comic Book Festival, where attendees will be able to meet Hawkins and the artists of the book.

Since 2010, Pop! Goes the Icon has raised almost $3,000 through sales of “Tales from the Boneyard” and “Tales from Fremont Street” for the Las Vegas-Clark County Library District Foundation in support of the Comic Book Festival. With “Lost Vegas,” we hope to exceed that contribution. In previous years, the cost of printing has been offset by kind donations from local businesses, who received advertisements and other benefits in exchange for their donations. This year, in addition to looking to the local business community for support, we’re also opening up the chance to become a funder of “Tales from Lost Vegas” to the public, by way of leading crowdfunding website Kickstarter.

On Aug. 4, we exceeded our funding goal of $6,000 thanks to an outpouring of support from the community. “Tales from Lost Vegas” is now in production and all printing costs are already accounted for, allowing Pop! Goes the Icon to maximize its donation of proceeds from future sales of the comic! Stay tuned for more information about the comic’s release.