Very Awesome Cosplay Contest

One of the best parts about any gathering of geeks is the costuming. The Very Awesome Girls Into Nerdy Activities wants YOU to come dressed up in your best cosplay! And to commemorate this event, everyone who comes in costume will be entered into the costume contest.

To enter the contest, you must check in at the Very Awesome Girls table inside the Main Hall during the Vegas Valley Comic Book Fest on Nov. 2, between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. Then all of the entrants will be gathered, judges will review them and pick the winners. Just before internet hip-hop sensation Adam Warrock rocks the Main Theater at 3:30 p.m., the Very Awesome Girls will take to the stage to announce the winners. You MUST be present before the concert to win!

Here are the winning categories for this year:


This award will go to the contestant who left us scratching our heads while we tried to figure out who they were. If the judges look utterly confused, you might just win!

Mighty Mjolnir

Does your character have a hammer, crossbow or a deck of cards? This award will go to the contestant who has the best prop to accompany their costume.

Super Kawaii!

DO you have the best anime/manga cosplay? Prove it to our judges and strut your stuff!

Flawless Victory

The recipient of this award must not only look the part, but act the part. You will be judged on how accurate you are in portraying your character to the judges and to other guests at the festival.

Very Awesome Rules

While cosplaying can be super fun and silly, we have to be serious about a few things.

  1. Please make sure that your costume is appropriate. Your costume should pass muster in a PG film. This is a family event; be very mindful of the kiddos.
  2. All weaponry and props must be fake. They will be inspected upon entrance by one of the volunteers.
  3. Lastly, we want everyone to be respectful and good sports to the fellow contestants. We don’t like people who can’t play nicely with one another and rudeness will NOT be tolerated.

Did we mention the prizes? Well, no, we haven’t. But there will be prizes … you will just have to enter the contest to find out what they are! So what are you waiting for? Go get started on your costume. We’re excited to see you there!