Pj Perez

Pj Perez

Pj Perez is a writer, illustrator and musician whose works span comics, journalism, design and more. He is the publisher of Las Vegas-spawned Pop! Goes the Icon, the creator of The Utopian webcomics franchise, and the co-chair of the Vegas Valley Comic Book Festival planning committee.

His illustration work has been seen in newspapers, magazines and books, and he has appeared as a guest at numerous comic book events speaking on such diverse topics as self-publishing, writing, editing, and making a career out of geekdom.


Comics Behind the Scenes

CALL Classroom

Creating comics takes more than a writer an artist.  Pj Perez runs “air traffic control” while Lauren Sankovitch, Jen Vaughn, Jay Edidin, Marissa Louise, and Dylan Todd provide further insights into the roles played by the behind the scenes teams at your favorite publishers.

Making Comics

Diversity Leads the Way!

Jewel Box Theater

The history of the comic industry shows that it adapts to change–sometimes just in the nick of time.  Join James Robinson, Ibrahim Moustafa, Jay Edidin, Ulises Farinas, Jean Munson, and moderator Pj Perez for a spirited discussion of how increased diversity in comics and pop culture is the path to a better future for everybody.

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