JH Williams

JH Williams

JH Williams III is a multiple award-winning illustrator, designer and writer. Starting his professional comic career in 1991, Williams has worked on numerous DC Comics books, including Deathwish (for the Milestone imprint), Batman, Starman, The Son of Superman, and Batwoman.

Williams worked with legendary writer Alan Moore on the series Promethea, which earned numerous nominations and awards for all involved, including an Eisner Award for Best Single Issue in 2001 and a Best Artist win at the 2006 Harveys. His other notable works include Desolation Jones with Warren Ellis, Batman: Snow (which Williams co-wrote with his writing partner on Chase, D. Curtis Johnson), as well as Seven Soldiers Of Victory and Batman: The Black Glove with Grant Morrison.

Outside of the comics industry, Williams has worked on projects as varied as designing a limited edition suit lining for San Francisco’s Artful Gentlemen and designing album covers for such bands as The Sword and Blondie.

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