Greg Preston

Greg Preston

Greg Preston has been doing commercial photography in Las Vegas for almost 30 years. Although Greg is known locally for the resort and lifestyle images that his studio excels in, Greg’s love of the illustration and fantasy art world what compels him in his personal projects. Greg’s first book, The Artist Within, brought together 101 cartoonists, comic book artists, and animators into an award-winning book. The companion volume to this book, The Artist Within: Book 2-Behind The Lines, will make its debut in 2017. He has also a co-author of a book by the late Tony Curtis, debuting next year.

Greg Preston: The Artist Within

Jewel Box Theater

What are the stories behind the stories? Where does the magic happen? Greg Preston loves to take photos of comics creators in their offices and studios, and every picture has a story behind it. Which ones can moderator Matthew Murray get him to reveal?

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