2014 Archive

VVCBF 2014The 2014 Vegas Valley Comic Book Fest, held on Saturday, Nov. 1,  saw about 3,500 people come through the library’s doors over the course of just seven hours to enjoy live music by Kirby Krackle and Hello The Future!, kid-friendly Art Jam, face-painting and crafting areas, meet-and-greets and panels with guests such as Howard Chaykin, Nick Mamatas and The Fillbach Brothers, writing workshops with Chris Staros and Russell Lissau, and much more — all for free.


  • Spencer Brinkerhoff III
  • Charles Brownstein
  • Howard Chaykin
  • The Fillbach Brothers
  • Darren J. Gendron
  • Russell Lissau
  • Nick Mamatas
  • Patrick Meaney
  • Brian & Kristy Miller
  • Ben Saunders
  • Deryl Skelton
  • Chris Staros
  • Marisa Stotter
  • Very Awesome Girls Into Nerdy Activities


Artist Alley/Exhibitors

Food and Beverage


  • Hello, The Future!
  • Kirby Krackle


  • “How to Draw Super Heroes and Star Wars Characters” – Spencer Brinkerhoff III
  • “The History of the Comics Code” – Charles Brownstein
  • “Batman” (1989) screening
  • Spotlight on Howard Chaykin
  • Workshop for Writers: “Adapting Books and Other Materials into Comics” – Nick Mamatas
  • “Breaking into Comics” – Fillbach Brothers, Russell Lissau, Nick Mamatas and Chris Staros
  • Workshop for Writers: “Collaborating on Comics” – Darren J. Gendron
  • “Digital Color 101” – Brian & Kristy Miller of Hi-Fi Colour Design
  • Workshop for Writers: “How to Write Comic Books” – Russell Lissau
  • “She Makes Comics: the untold history of women creators in comic books” documentary screening with director Marisa Stotter and producer Patrick Meaney
  • “Batman’s Shadows: 75 Years of the Dark Knight” – Ben Saunders
  • “The Business of Webcomics” – Darren J. Gendron