2012 Archive

Vegas Valley Comic Book Festival 2012The 2012 Vegas Valley Comic Book Festival, held on Saturday, Nov. 3,  saw about 3,000 people come through the library’s doors to enjoy live music by Kirby Krackle and 3D6, a kid-friendly Art Jam, a Very Awesome Cosplay Contest, meet-and-greets and panels with guests such as Gene Ha, Aaron Alexovich, Drew Parsons, Drew Rausch, The Fillbach Brothers, and much more — all for free.


  • Gene Ha
  • The Fillbach Brothers
  • Aaron Alexovich
  • Deryl Skelton
  • Tommy Kovac
  • Dan Parsons
  • Drew Rausch
  • Aaron Alexovich
  • Rob Salkowitz




  • Kirby Krackle
  • 3D6


  • “Quick Draw” – The Fillbach Brothers
  • Artist Jam
  • “The Anatomy of a Comic Book” – Dan Parsons
  • “Ready, Aim, Write!” – Tommy Kovac
  • Spotlight on Gene Ha
  • “Webcomics 101” – Drew Rausch and Aaron Alexovich
  • “Closet Cosplay” – Very Awesome Girls into Nerdy Activities
  • “Comic-Con & The Business of Pop Culture” – Rob Salkowitz