Sneak peek at Tales from Fremont Street

Tales from Fremont Street logoDebuting at this year’s event on Nov. 5, Tales from Fremont Street is the second annual anthology produced by Pop! Goes the Icon designed to commemorate and benefit the Vegas Valley Comic Book Festival. Last year’s edition, Tales from the Boneyard, has already raised more than $1100 for the Las Vegas-Clark County Library District Foundation, and with titanic talents such as Ed Hawkins, The Fillbach Brothers, Jarret Keene, Victor Moya, F. Andrew Taylor, Warren Wucinich, Evan Dent, Pj Perez and more slated for this year’s edition, we hope to blow that number away!

For Tales from Fremont Street, Las Vegas-based comics creators are banding together to create a noir-style collection of interrelated stories boasting a diverse cast of characters, and one of the wildest of those characters is Mr. Prudeholme. His devilish tale is told by writer Jarret Keene and artist Vic Moya (the team responsible for Tales from the Boneyard‘s “Ramsay: The Post-Doomsday Showgirl“). Moya has generously provided a teaser pinup of Prudeholme, whom you’ll be learning a lot more about when Tales from Fremont Street debuts in November:

Mr. Prudeholme

After admiring this image, all we can say is: Conan, eat your heart out!

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