Exclusive: Kirby Krackle’s “Needing a Miracle”

As you might have suspected, our favorite nerd-rock comic-book band, Kirby Krackle, returns to the 2011 Vegas Valley Comic Book Festival to rock you geeks silly. The Seattle duo (Kyle Stevens and Jim Demonakos) drops a new album, Super Powered Love, on July 19, so we here at VVCBF did the unthinkable—we dispatched Kryptonite-laden, cyber-thieving mercenaries to secretly pilfer an advanced copy. (Actually, we emailed the band for sneak aural peek.)

Super Powered Love is the perfect summer disc, with songs about The Mighty Thor’s Bifröst (the Monster Magnet-ic “Rainbow Bridge”), about Transformers terminating Decepticons (the Foo Fighter-ish “Hunt ’Em All Down”), and about impressing ladies with the size of your subscription stack (hip-hop jam “Comic Shop” featuring GMK the Great and Kristina Horner). Indeed, Super Powered Love is already earning raves.

But we especially adore Kirby Krackle when they’re in full-on power-pop mode, which explains why our current favorite tune—one we’re proud to be premiering here at VVCBF—is “Needing a Miracle,” about a man who pledges to be there for a friend if she requires assistance from another heart, superpowered or otherwise. Check out those killer vocal harmonies!

Kirby Krackle – Needing A Miracle by popgoestheicon

And don’t forget to catch Kirby Krackle on Nov. 5 right here in Las Vegas during the Vegas Valley Comic Book Festival! Pre-register now!

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